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To provide you with a better solution to the problem with your bonsai or plant, we need
   to know the botanical name. Look at the nametag supplied with the plant. If one is not present 
   when you buy it ask the sales person to write the name down for you. Don’t depend on your memory. 

   If you can not provide the botanical name give us the best information you have but keep in 
   mind that many common names of plants have both hardy and non-hardy versions. It is very 
   important in establishing if the plant is hardy or tropical. Most tropical plants cannot prosper 
   with temperatures below 55 degrees Farenheight and die at freezing temperatures. Most hardy 
   plants require a period of temperatures at least 45 degrees F or lower to get the required dormant 

  What are the symptoms? When did you first notice the problem? Has it been a gradual deterioration? 

  What portion of the plant has the most damage? Did damage originate there or spread to there?

  Where is the plant located? In the house? In a window? Outside? In the sun? In shade?

  How often do you water this plant?

  Are any other plants affected in the same manner? Do you have many plants?

  Are there insects present? Can you identify the insect? Have any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers 
  been applied recently? At what rate? By neighbors?

  Be a good detective in analyzing the plant symptoms and you can help properly diagnose the cause.

  Please state your question with as much information as possible and we will attempt to solve 
  the problem.

  Please send your inquiries after answering the above questions to: [email protected]